Monday, January 25, 2010

Play With Your Blocks: Watermelon!

Yesterday, I went with my mom & aunt to a class by Sandy Bonsib, a friend and fantastic quilt teacher. This is from her brand new series of classes/patterns called Play With Your Blocks. The concept is this: before every class, Sandy sends you a black and white layout diagram of the blocks and setting for the quilt, and you get to color in and design, but with value and color, your own quilt using those blocks. Each quilt will only have 1 kind of block in it, which will really showcase the versatility of block - quilts will look different based on the color and value placement. For this first class, Sandy used a quarter square triangle block. Ahead of time, she sent us a picture of her top, and told us she used 2 different colors of mediums (grey and gold) and a light (light grey/cream). For mine, I decided to use greens and pinks along with some white background cute prints. :) It reminds me of watermelon candy.

I could set them any way I like - into stars, square, lines, zig-zags. I decided to stick with the layout Sandy used with these, as I thought it was fun and whimsical - there will be multiple rows of pinwheels. In the column on the left, you can see the pinwheels in the contrast between pinks and greens. In the middle column, you can see a white pinwheel on a medium value background, and then in the right column, you can see a pink and green pinwheel on the light background. This isn't the whole quilt - in the end, it will be 10 blocks by 12 blocks - but you can see the concept, I hope!

In other exciting news, I have some new additions to my fabric stash - Munki Munki pajamas by Heather Ross! I finally broke down a few weeks ago and bought some of these adorable fabrics on Etsy. I had been to so many TJ Maxx and Marshall's stores looking for them, and hadn't had any luck.

Munki Munkis!
Wouldn't you know, the SAME DAY I got these in the mail, I decided to head up and check a Marshall's north of my work, and not only did I find the sushi print pants, but a whole pajama set of the aliens, my favorite print of the whole line!!

I was so excited, I literally gasped, and had to contain myself from jumping around the store and squealing in delight! My only dilemma now is that these are actually in my size. I will definitely cut up the top to use in quilts, but I am tempted to use the bottoms as actual pajamas. Hmm... we shall see!

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