Friday, January 1, 2010

102 Books Read in 2009!

102 Books read in 2009!

The reading goal I set for myself in 2009 was to read 100 books. I'm happy to say I met that goal! I read a lot of great books this year, re-read some of my favorites, and struggled my way through a few stinkers.

My reading was majorly rejuvenated this year by 2 things.

First of all, I bought a Kindle! I thought at first that I might miss the feel of holding a book in my hand, turning the pages, smelling the ink on the page. For the most part, that isn't true at all. Reading on a kindle screen is so much like reading ink on a page that most of the time I hardly notice the difference. Add that to the fact that my Kindle is thin and light enough for me to take it everywhere with me, and that I can have 1,500+ books on it at one time, and I am more than just sold on the idea - I am thrilled! I do still check books out from the library - not everything is available on Kindle yet - and I read those at home.

Second of all, I found this great book-tracking site called Goodreads that allows me to keep track of the books I've read, what I'm currently reading, and what I want to read. I can keep track of when I read things, write reviews, and rate books, so in the future I can remind myself of my opinions. I've tried to do this by myself in the past, and just didn't have any luck, so this system is perfect for me. Plus, a lot of my friends have signed up as well, so we can share book reviews, see what each other are reading, suggest books for each other. I've also found a challenge group on there that has really helped me push the boundaries of what I was reading.

If you feel like signing up for Goodreads, you can add me as a friend here. You can also check out a list (with links!) of the books I read this year. :)

I think my reading goal for 2010 will be 100 books again, but this time, not counting books I've previously read. We shall see. :)

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