Tuesday, October 27, 2009


thinking hard, originally uploaded by Rachel-B.
Ever since I found Goodreads.com last April, not only have I been
reading more, I've been reading higher quality stuff. Goodreads has
helped me with a number of issues I've had in the past:

1] I can keep track of what books I've read, and quickly remind myself
of what I liked and didn't like.
2] I can research and keep track of books I want to read, instead of
picking something at random and discarding it when I get bored.
3] I have been challenged to reach beyond my safety zone of chick
lit/fantasy/teen fare and have found some fantastic books that I love

In truth, I really believe I've rediscovered my love of reading. And
that makes me even more excited that some friends and I have recently
started a book club. Not only can I read more books, but I can talk
about them! With real live people! Our first meeting went really well,
I think, and I am excited to see how it continues to evolve.

That is all. :P

book club inaugural meeting