Monday, January 18, 2010

grey | blue | red


Aren't these colors fabulous? I've made a red/white/black/grey/aqua quilt before, but I've really been wanting to do a quilt with grey and this sky blue, with bits of white and red. I'm planning on it being way calmer than I might normally make. The reds will be minimal, most likely.

Right now, I planning on doing the center of my round robin in these colors. Also, though, I'm planning on using this color palette to make an extra block each month from my Modern Tradition Quilt Bee. At the end of the year, I'll have twelve blocks of various sizes that I can put together and remind me of the year! Yay! :) I dug through my stash tonight and pulled out everything that could work. I don't actually have that many sky blues - I normally gravitate towards brighter or more greeny blues. Uh oh! I might have to get a few more. :P

grey | blue | red

I'm hoping to start making quilt bee blocks this week, both one for me and 2 for Melissa. I figured I can make the one for me first, to make sure it comes out right, and then Melissa's will be perfect. :)

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