Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Weekly Read: 31

Back to normal again this week! 

READ: Letters to Juliet | Lise Friedman & Ceil Friedman
I requested this book from the local library after seeing the movie Letters to Juliet with my mom, and was not disappointed. Rather than being a novel similar to the movie, this book is more about the history that we know of the "real" Juliet and Romeo, and the history of the character's relationships to the city of Verona. Included in that is the history of the Secretaries of Juliet, the Club of Juliet, and the phenomenon of letters written to Juliet. I enjoyed reading a sampling of actual letters written to Juliet, and this definitely inspires me to travel to Verona. Of course, I wish we could know more facts about who the real Juliet really was, and if she truly existed, but it's reached the point in history where we most likely will never know any more. The world will have to be satisfied with the fantasy of Juliet and the everlasting love that she represents.

READ: Wintergirls | Laurie Halse Anderson
This one is a truly sad story about a girl trapped in her body and her mind by a horrible disease - anorexia. I listened to the audio version of the book, and if felt most of the time like Lia was talking directly to me, letting me into her thoughts. And her mind was a scary place a lot of the time. You could tell she loved her little sister, that she missed her best friend, who had recently passed away due to complications from bulimia. You could tell she was angry at her parents, who she blamed to an extent for her disease. It wasn't until she hit the bottom, near death, that she finally realized that yes, she wanted to live, have a future, and be happy. This book is unbelievable sad, but definitely an interesting one to read, and a must-read if you know anyone suffering from an eating disorder. 

I'm still picking away at this one, and it's still going really slow. I think that is because I'm not really invested in any of the characters, so I'm not really feeling pushed to know what happens. Hopefully as the fair approaches, the pace will pick up.

Up next week: Hopefully I'll have finished The Devil in the White City, and I want to finish several others as well, e.g. The Lonely Polygamist, Lamb, and Practical Magic. Happy reading!

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